Mí Día Offers Homemade Mexican Cuisine 4

Recently Opened Flower Mound Restaurant Offers Variety of Flavors

When Mí Día From Scratch opened its doors for patrons in late August, locals were not only dazzled by its extensive culinary offerings created under the direction of executive chef Felipe Guerrero and beverages but also by its stunning interior. Those culinary offerings run the gamut from Tex-Mex to Santa Fe to authentic Mexican dishes.

“Our food is vibrant, soulful and complex,” chef and managing partner Gabriel DeLeon says. “Our menu is aimed at incorporating regional Mexican, Santa Fe and Tex-Mex flavors into our cuisine in a way that’s never been successful before.”

While the Tex-Mex items on Mí Día’s menu include the standard enchiladas, tamales, fajitas and chimichangas, they also include delicious artisanal street tacos. Those street tacos whose main ingredients may be skirt steak, duck, sea bass, roasted pork, sautéed chicken breast and Baja shrimp are served on fresh house-made tortillas.

The sometimes-spicy Santa Fe-style dishes include hatch tacos whose blue corn tortillas brim with skirt steak sautéed in red chiles, onions and poblano peppers topped with queso fresco and green chile autumn roast and seasoned with micro cilantro. New Mexico Tampiqueña is a yummy combo of cheese, onion and skirt steak rolled inside blue corn tortillas to create enchiladas that are stacked and smothered in green and red sauces. A mouthwatering red chile stew called New Mexican guiso contains pork and beef beneath tortilla strips, cheeses and avocado.

Tempting items among the many interesting Mexican cuisines are the tequila pesto enchiladas containing jumbo shrimp sautéed with onions and cheese and then slathered with a Sauza Hornitas Reposado Tequila-pepita pesto. An order of codorniz will bring two pecan wood-grilled Manchester Farms whole quail to your table. Another interesting offering is the wood-grilled banana leaf-wrapped salmon. The salmon is rubbed with achiote and citrus before being grilled.

Many of Mí Día’s dishes are accompanied by sides such as street corn, crema and different varieties of beans—Oaxacan and charro—and rices such as guajillo and poblano.

Besides entrees, famished customers may indulge in snacks, soups and salads, and desserts. One tempting snack is the quesadillas de huitlacoche featuring sautéed Mexican truffle, queso asadero and roasted vegetables sandwiched between house-made blue corn tortillas. Anyone who loves guacamole may enjoy some prepared right at your table.  

Crowning any meal is the consumption of a lovely dessert and those at Mí Día do not disappoint. The desserts include the taco y tequila in which an almond lace taco is filled with a chocolate-
peanut butter ganache, marshmallows and a strawberry and tequila reduction. Another delicious-sounding one is the house-made hibiscus-lemongrass sorbet.

All of these and alcoholic drinks are served in the modern dining, bar,and patio areas. Mí Día’s eye-pleasing interior and exterior were created by Dallas-based GHA Architecture.

General Manager Ivan Sanchez says patrons may choose from among 120 tequilas and high-end mescals. Tequilas are derived from a particular agave plant whereas mescal is distilled from different agaves. In addition, patrons may order two other Mexican distilled spirits—Sotol and Bacanora, both of which are hard to find.

The Flower Mound Mí Día—2601 W. Windsor—joins other locations in Grapevine and Plano. Mí Día’s hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday–Thursday and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday–Saturday. For more information, visit MiDiaFromScratch.com or call 972.874.4747.