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Cross Timbers Lifestyle! 1

Hello friends and neighbors, and welcome to the premiere issue of Cross Timbers Lifestyle, where we’re inspired by community, and hope this magazine inspires you, too!
We’re thrilled to be your source for all things local here in the southern Denton County area–a gorgeous and inspiring place to call home. As part of the Cross Timbers Texas region, our community has a rich history. Two narrow bands of forest that extended south of Oklahoma into Central Texas divided the plains and prairies and became known as the Cross Timbers. Native Americans called the area home and later as pioneers pushed into Texas, the bands of timber served as a famous landmark.

That same pioneer spirit is alive and well in our community today–whether you live in Flower Mound or Copper Canyon, we are all still seeking – opportunity, love, wisdom. Through the pages of Cross Timbers Lifestyle, it is our goal to educate and enrich you and to have a little fun along the way.
As you flip through these pages, you’ll be drawn into the incredible stories behind the people and places that call our community home. In my short stint as publisher, I’ve already been awestruck by the talented, hardworking men and women who passionately serve the community through their local business and philanthropic endeavors. There is no shortage of people working very hard every day to make this community stronger–making sure our schools are better supported, our churches open and welcoming, that needs are met for the less fortunate.

As we take the time to put our issues together from month to month, you—the Cross Timbers Lifestyle readers—will always be in our minds. We strive to bring you the good and relevant news of the day and to fill the pages of this magazine with the people and stories you care about—and we can’t wait for you to join us each month. If you have suggestions or ideas for a story, please let us know. We can’t promise that we incorporate every idea, but appreciate your interest and feedback.

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Finally, thank you to my family and many friends for your ideas, love and support. It’s November, but I am thankful and blessed every day of the year by each of you.
Happy Thanksgiving!