An "Accidental Business" 20

Essential Oils May Have Fallen into 
Alyssa Francis’ Life, but They Led to Her Dream of Financial Freedom

Alyssa Francis is a busy Flower Mound mom of three who is living her dream of financial freedom and work-life balance through a business she built on true passion.

Alyssa and her family moved to Flower Mound a little over a year ago, with the desire to be closer to Liberty Christian School, where her children ages, 17, 11 and 8 attend school. The success of her business made this possible. Before moving to Flower Mound, Alyssa’s family lived in nearby Keller and Argyle. She and her husband are active in their children’s school lives. The family attends Valley Creek Church, and Alyssa enjoys getting to know her new neighbors through the Women’s Club of the Tour 18 community.

Alyssa’s business and caring for her family take up the bulk of her time, but she also makes time for herself and enjoys a regular fitness routine. It was the desire to achieve greater fitness and wellness for herself and her family that led her to her passion and prosperous business.

“My business is an accidental business,” Alyssa says. “It was not something I set out to do. In early 2012, I was introduced to essential oils through an acquaintance on Facebook. I was already on a path to healthy lifestyle changes and wellness goals for myself and my family. I didn’t know much about essential oils at the time, but it sounded like something that could really help my family. I was invited to a class in her home, and I jumped in for the oils.

“I told a few friends about how the products were helping my family with a difference in our wellness, and before I knew it, I had a business dropped in my lap.”

“Today, it is our sole source of income and has been a real blessing in our life. My husband was able to retire from a rewarding career at a young age and no longer has to travel extensively. He now supports the business behind the scenes and is able to be around for me and the children.

“Essential oils have been around for thousands of years,” Alyssa explains. 
“It may seem like a new trend, but it is only a 
resurgence of ancient knowledge on their benefits and how to use them.”

There are three basic methods to utilize essential oils: Aromatically, by smelling them through rubbing them on your hands or through a diffuser. Secondly, you can also apply them directly on your skin to an area that needs support, according to Alyssa.

“The back of the neck, the bottoms of your feet, the wrists and the tummy are a great place to use them. I put oils on my wrists multiple times a day to alleviate stress. It helps you feel calm, especially with the back to school crazies.”

Thirdly, they are effective through ingestion in some cases.

“You can’t do that with all essential oils,” Alyssa says. “The company that I use is Young Living and has been around for almost 25 years. Their oils are completely pure and genuine, so they are safe to use internally.”

According to Alyssa, Young Living is mostly known for essential oils, but they also have a full line of health and wellness products for the home.

Alyssa is an independent distributor for Young Living. Starting out with a few friends and word of mouth, she now has a worldwide membership of more than 90,000 globally in her network. She has witnessed many women who were able to quit jobs they were miserable in or bring their husbands home from jobs they were miserable into a business they truly believe in and enjoy the abundance that comes with that.

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