A “Hot,” Efficient Way to Exercise 8

A New Trend: HOTWORX Flower Mound

A new trend in exercising, HOTWORX, touts that you “tone up, detox and torch the calories” through participation in their classes. All this happens within a 30-minute isometric (Pilates or yoga) workout or a 15-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session with a cycle or row. HOTWORX combines a patent-pending fusion of infrared heat and isometrics, resulting in the ultimate calorie burn.

HOTWORX Flower Mound, open only since October 2017, has already produced enthusiastic clients.

“I am excited about HOTWORX because of the success stories we’ve seen thus far,” owner Lindsay Guier says.

“Weight loss, pain relief, toning up, detoxing, increased energy and motivation to exercise, to name a few,” are some of the benefits, Lindsay says.

When done regularly, HOTWORX can also improve strength, cardio, flexibility, circulation and immunity, and reduce stress, while also burning fat, decreasing workout recovery time and increasing your metabolism.

Each client follows a virtual instructor while infrared heat causes you to sweat; muscle contraction through isometric exercise further rids your organs of toxins. With a 14-client capacity, individual sauna rooms hold three exercisers per room; the exception is the row, which holds two clients. 

There are six virtually instructed classes to choose from: Hot ISO, which consists of 14 isometric postures; Hot Buns, an isometric workout on glutes and some core work; Hot Warrior, an accelerated version of Hot ISO for athletes; Hot Pilates, which provides an intense core workout; Hot Yoga; and Hot Core, focused core abdominal, hip and lower back work followed by self-administered deep massage with a foam roller.  Current members see 500+ calories burned in the 30-minute classes plus one hour of afterburn.

There are also two 15 min HIIT cycle and row classes. For added convenience, clients can download an app on their cell phone to keep track of calories burned and to schedule classes. 

HOTWORX Flower Mound is conveniently open 24 hours and offers more than 700 classes.

“Our clients love HOTWORX because they get such an effective workout in a short amount of time!” Lindsay says. “We want people to live a healthy lifestyle and with HOTWORX, they can!” 

HOTWORX – Flower Mound is located at 4130 Justin Road. For more information, visit HotWorx.net.