Big Bad Billie Licardo

Three Confessions from a Local Fitness Guru

Before Billie Licardo was head coach and yoga instructor at Crossfire Defense Academy & Range in Flower Mound, the small-town girl from rural Virginia Beach traveled to Paris in search of a modeling career. Her journey towards becoming a fitness guru began with frequent gym visits while on the road and continued by teaching hot yoga and attending massage therapy school. Eventually,  Billie fell in love with CrossFit when she was looking for a way to lose that pesky post-baby weight. This fierce fitness fanatic shares three secrets about how she stays sane.

1. “I spend 30 minutes alone everyday—even more when I can get it, but that is rare.”

2. “Pizza is my kryptonite, specifically Earls Pizza in Argyle. They have a pizza called Spirit Of The Hero, and it will change your life.”

3. “I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and learning and am currently working to obtain my CrossFit Level 3 Certification. I want to share my passion and better myself as a coach and an athlete every single day.”