One of Flower Mound’s Most Sought-After Photographers

For the past six years, Missy Mayo has spent her days behind the camera, focused on others. Ironically, she says, that’s where she discovered herself.

“It’s something that honestly has given me an identity,” she says. “I’m really grateful.”

Missy grew up with a camera around her neck, constantly taking pictures. She became interested in black and white photography in high school, but she gave up the hobby in college when photography went mostly digital.

Missy became a teacher. She taught third grade at Wellington Elementary School in Flower Mound until her son, Beckett, was born six years ago and she became a stay-at-home mom. That’s when she bought her first digital camera—determined to finally learn how to use it.

“I would read every article I could find,” she says. “When I wasn’t tending a baby, I was taking pictures of my baby. I wanted to capture all of his firsts.”

One year later, she began her own business, Missy Mayo Photography.

“I was home without my teacher friends and my busy classroom with busy 8-year-olds. My husband traveled. I naively thought it would be fun to start my own photography business. I thought I’d have one photo session a month. Little did I know, it doesn’t work like that,” she says with a laugh.

Missy’s business began to grow, and now she is one of the most sought-after photographers in Flower Mound.

“I feel honored to have more and more people ask for sessions,” she says. “During the fall and spring, it is very busy. I’m booked almost daily.”

She doesn’t have a studio space. Instead, she holds sessions outdoors, where sunlight and nature play an integral part of the stories she tells through her images.  

“The most important thing I try to capture is the joy and craziness of having a family. I try to focus on joyful and happy images,” she says.

“As a mom, the pictures I really treasure—the pictures that are up on my walls—are the ones of my son doing that funny face when he thinks something is silly or my daughter when she’s being mischievous; she’s the mischievous one,” Missy says. “I love it when I can capture their personalities.”

When she isn’t being a full-time mom to Beckett and her daughter, Reese, Missy is busy scheduling photo shoots, editing photographs, mentoring other photographers, blogging and writing articles for photography publications. She also teaches at conferences and workshops throughout the country, which, she said can be scary. But she embraces the butterflies they bring.

“That kind of fear has been great because I wouldn’t get that changing diapers or making dinner,” she says. “It’s pushed me and given me confidence.”

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