Joshua Mather of Broka’s Bliss

Keller-based alternative pop musician Joshua Mather went from garage to group playing after his “long-haired, guitar-playing cousin” compelled him to form a band. The Texan original melody-maker and songwriter has been in tune with music ever since.

As a member of the band Broka’s Bliss, Joshua released his first full-length album, “Neverland,” in 2008. He then produced a self-titled album in 2015. He’s now finishing another six-song album, likely geared for release this month.

When not recording, Joshua regularly plays at several Denton bars, and at private parties in Flower Mound, some held at Circle R Ranch.

You started writing songs at age 14 and performed by the time you turned 17. What inspires your lyrics?

I’ve listened to interviews with people I admire. I’ve been told it’s most important to write something honest. I’m also inspired by poetry. But mainly, I write about day-to-day family matters and interpersonal relationships.

How did you get the courage to sing and perform in front of crowds?

It was terrifying. I first was in my high school talent show, where I thought 20 people may show up. But the 2,000-seat theater was packed that night. I was only singing for the particular song we chose, and there was a 2-minute music-only intro. I remember standing there at the mic, arguing with myself in my head for those extremely long 2 minutes about whether I’d walk off the stage or actually start singing. I sang.

How challenging is it to stay in a studio and finish all of the components that go into an album?

I found other people involved in the production don’t move at the same speed I do. They’re not always in the same rush to get it done. It’s fun to be in the studio, but I prefer to play live, where there’s less pressure to get everything perfect, and I can interact with the crowd.

What other careers did you consider?

I took a lot of art classes and always thought I’d be in art—maybe a graphic designer. But as soon as I started playing music, I didn’t look at anything else. I do like to use my artistic skills to do my own album covers.

What hobbies do you enjoy? What do you do when you’re not focused on music?

I love woodworking and have made furniture. Now that my wife and I have a 2-year-old daughter, I’ve gone all-out on Lego blocks and building things with her. Whenever I have time, I like to play video games or watch movies.

Who do you think will most influence your music in 2018?

While in the past it was Tom Petty, Third Eye Blind, Raine Maida, OneRepublic and Matchbox Twenty, now my favorite people to listen to are actually local musicians. I’ve even made a local artist playlist to put on for audiences during my performance breaks.

What’s the main takeaway you’d like listeners to understand about your music?

I want to share music as two-way communication. While I’m hoping those who are listening get a certain feeling from my music, I’m hoping to get something from the sharing, too, in that we’re connecting and understanding each other. I hope those who hear my music feel the emotion of it.