Local Custom Homebuilders Build their Own Dream Home

For the past 13 years, Drew and Tiffany Walling have been translating dreams into brick and mortar for Denton County residents. The two began Drew Walling Custom Homes in 2004 after spending several years in the residential real estate business. 

“We are a true custom mom and pop shop,” Drew says. “We build whatever the customer’s heart desires.”

Four years ago, the couple decided it was their heart’s desire to build their own dream home on 2 acres of land in Double Oak. 

When guests enter the Wallings’ sprawling 5,100-square-foot home, the first thing they notice is the tall wall of windows and French doors showcasing the land on which the home sits, overlooking a pond, trees and the neighbors’ longhorn cattle and paint horses. 

Drew says the lot often determines the layout of his clients’ homes. And his home was no different. After touring the lot, Tiffany says she and her husband envisioned exactly how their home should look. The couple designed the living, dining and kitchen area around the backyard view. 

“We pretty much drew the house out on a napkin and took it to our architect,” she says with a laugh. 

The Wallings’ home is as practical as it is pristine. From the low maintenance and lovely old Chicago brick pavers in the entryway to the pet Hideagate that folds inconspicuously into the wall between the kitchen and mudroom, details abound in the Wallings’ home. 

The main house is comprised of four bedrooms and 4 1/2 bathrooms. Upstairs belongs to the Wallings’ two children Matthew, 12, and Gracen, 9, who have their own rooms and bathrooms separated by a study nook. A half flight of steps from the children’s room is a playroom filled with Gracen’s gymnastics equipment and a unique sunken “video game pit” for Matthew. Adjacent to the playroom is a home theater.  

On the main level are the living room, kitchen, dining area, master bedroom and bathroom, guest bedroom and study. 

On the west side of the Wallings’ home is what the couple lovingly refers to as “Nana’s Cabana” where Tiffany’s mother lives. The mother-in-law suite includes a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. 

Perhaps the biggest showstopper and Tiffany’s favorite room in their home is the family’s spectacular chef’s kitchen. Framed by a beautiful old Chicago brick arch and featuring a shiplap ceiling, the kitchen combines farmhouse charm with modern amenities. The couple designed their refrigerator to mimic an antique icebox, framed in black walnut and fixed with custom hardware. The kitchen boasts a large walk-through pantry as well, with its own countertop, where Tiffany leaves after-school snacks for the children. The oversized quartzite island is a popular gathering spot when the couple has company. The kitchen easily flows into the living and dining space, and the French doors off of the living room open onto the family’s large patio, perfect for entertaining. 

Drew’s favorite room isn’t in the home but is right off the back patio. 

“My favorite is the shop,” he says, grinning. Drew designed his shop to mimic the shop featured in the movie “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off,” where Beuller’s friend Cameron’s strict father kept his beloved sports car. Likewise, Drew’s shop has glass garage doors that overlook the pool and houses his beloved 1966 AC Cobra. 

Beyond the shop is a large pool, outdoor kitchen and patio that leads back into the living room. 

The Wallings’ home is rife with character, from the multisized wood flooring in the living areas and the classic roof slate utilized as flooring on the back patio to the brick feature wall in the master bedroom and claw-foot tub in the master bath. Drew’s study even includes a hidden door—disguised as a bookshelf—that leads into the master bedroom closet. 

Tiffany says she thoroughly enjoyed the entire building process and adding detail and character to her home.

“I loved the building process because we really got to do things our way and be creative. We tried to make our home as timeless as possible,” she says, adding that character and unique features also were priorities. “As true custom homebuilders, we tried to incorporate things that were not the trend at the time—things that made us stand out. The process was so much fun.” 

For more information about Drew Walling Custom Homes, visit DrewWallingCustomHomes.com. For more information on the Wallings’ Hideagate pet gate system, visit Hideagate.com