Local Artist Creates Unique 3-D Wall Sculptures, Palette Knife Oil Paintings

Local artist Jack Lee does not limit himself to one medium. While he explores all forms of artistic expression, the North Texas-based professional specializes primarily in both palette knife oil painting and 3-D mixed-media sculpture.

“I have created art in many different settings including corporate installations, live painting performances, commission work for individuals and, of course, simply creating what inspires me,” he says.

In fact, Jack says the source of his inspiration for all of his work is the physical world around him.

“I’ll be out and see a unique tree, a cool pattern or an interesting texture and get excited about creating a piece incorporating what jumped out at me,” he says.

But his most concentrated focus, on oils and mixed-media sculpture, is what has Denton County companies and residents putting Jack to work. And even when business is booming, he has found a way to remain loyal to his own creative spirit.

“I create because it is simply who I am,” he says. “I need to do it.

”There are times when I am busy with commission work for clients, and then there are times when I take a step back and do projects that have been milling around in my head for a while.”

His artistic process is hard to mimic, and his inimitable style might be even harder to find, specifically his 3-D wall sculptures made from reclaimed hardware, nuts, and bolts.

“These are extremely unique pieces, and you would be pretty hard-pressed to find anything like them,” he says. “I create graphic representation of the inspiration and sketch it out on a sheet of wood. The image is then cut out and layered to create the 3-D piece. Once the sculpture is assembled, I cover it with a sculpting medium and apply a variety of layers of paints and glazes to achieve a rich, textured feel.”

Jack’s oil paintings may be in a more familiar form, but his creations are far from ordinary. When his palette knife scrapes the canvas, it is usually creating a landscape, abstract or portrait piece.

“The paint can jump off the canvas like a little mountain and creates wonderful shadows when light hits it,” he says.

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