Accentuating Life’s Emotions

Marcus High School junior Aimee Yun sees the world through multidimensional art layers and has done so since she was a toddler. Art is now how Aimee conveys what’s in her soul and on her mind.

“Art is a way of expressing my emotions, and delivering any kind of messages, or theme, to viewers,” she says. “Because art is a form of communication, it’s one of the most powerful tools to connect with audiences on deeper levels.”

Since Aimee was young, her parents gave her freedom to search for what she loved doing.

“They both realized I’d fallen in love with art, and began to help me become an artist. Because both of my parents were interested in fine arts, they gave me criteria and advice,” she says. “I personally think my art style is very different from my parents’ style, apart from them helping me improve my skills.”

Aimee is a big fan of painting, especially oil.

“Oil is very flexible to work with because it dries a lot slower than other mediums. I also really enjoy using charcoal, pens, ink and watercolor,” she adds.

During sixth to ninth grade, she won awards for the Martin Luther King Jr. Art Competition hosted by Lewisville Independent School District. She also became one of the top finalists in VASE, a Texas-wide art competition, during her sophomore year.

When it’s hard for Aimee to express her emotions through words, she says she shows affection toward others through art.

“I like to draw portraits of people I love. I believe the time and effort I put it into the portraits shows my gratitude toward them,” she says.

“Art is a way for me to storytell about my mistakes, experiences and what I’ve learned from them. I truly want to express thankfulness through art to others. I think that’s why I love art.”

She hopes to major in art illustration in college, with her dream school being the Art Center College of Design in California.

Regarding what art teaches about life, Aimee says art is used in good and bad ways.

“There are artworks that convey a lot negativity that can also influence the viewers’ emotions in a bad way,” she says. “But, there are many artworks that give us advice and choices.”

“I hope to influence people with art in helpful ways and give courage through what I create. I believe that life is art! Everything around us is art, and without it, this whole world would be very dull. I hope more people will appreciate the art around us.”