Sherry and Mike Daniels’ Bartonville Home Makes a Personal Statement

Little did Sherry Daniel know when she began remodeling her home in 2016 that it would become not only a statement piece but also a personal statement.

The Bartonville resident and her husband, Mike, had done home renovations in the past, but this time was different. Two of their three children had left the nest, and the couple decided to make this remodel more of a reflection of themselves.

“This was my favorite remodel because it was focused on us and not the kids,” Sherry says.

The couple remodeled their children’s spaces several years ago but decided to focus on the home’s downstairs living spaces for their latest remodel.

“We wanted it to be more open,” Sherry says. “The house, before, had a lot more walls. It was really nice to be able to open the space up.

“Our old design was more ranchlike, dark, masculine and old-world style.”

Now, Sherry describes the new design as Architectural Digest style with clean lines and a focus on art and color. However, she says, “It still feels cozy and like home.”

The Daniels’ interior designer, Gale Van Ackeren, was able to retain the home’s cozy feel by infusing color throughout the home, beginning with the large area rug in the family room that is art in itself. She says the rug helped set the color palette for the rest of the home.

While most of the walls were painted off-white, a wall in the dining room is painted aubergine, and the Daniels’ office is painted deep-tone navy blue.

“To really balance a space out, you need color,” Gale explains. “You need color to get energy into the space, and (the Daniels) are energetic people.”

However, she says, homeowners should choose color wisely.

“If you can keep the color from being the first thing people notice, it can become a neutral.”

Sherry says her home now reflects her family’s personality. However, because the new design was such a departure from their old design, their children were surprised when they first saw it.

“We’ve shocked our kids,” she says with a laugh. “But the kids do love it.”

Gale encouraged the couple to display meaningful art from their travels and to consolidate family photos into galleries displayed on the walls. The result: a stylish home that pays tribute to the family’s personality and adventures.

“There are little things tucked around the house that remind us of the history we’ve gone through together,” Sherry says. “It’s been fun to transition with the home.”