Lucie Hasek, Owner of Creative Elements, Designed a Wine Bar and Sewing Room for Two Clients

Designer and general contractor Lucie Hasek, owner of Creative Elements in Highland Village, believes every part of a home should be clean and functional in order to foster creativity.

“I want to make sure every linear square inch has function,” she says. “I believe most of us need to declutter.”

While clients typically contact her to do kitchen or bathroom remodels, oftentimes projects expand to incorporate functional, creative spaces to suit her clients’ unique needs.

Setting the Bar

When Debbie McMann of Flower Mound asked Lucie to design a wine bar in her home, Lucie knew exactly where it should go.

“When people want a wine bar, and if they have stairs in their home, it typically goes under the stairs,” she says.

Lucie transformed Debbie’s under-the-stairs closet into an upscale wine bar, utilizing every inch of the space and adding beauty and function.

“They told us how much wine they have, what they collect and what they wanted to store,” Lucie says. “I worked with my cabinet guy to pull all of the functional pieces into the space.”

Debbie says she adores her new bar area, which dons a stacked slate backsplash, custom cabinets with Flemish glass doors and lighting to highlight their extensive wine collection.

“I love my new space,” she says. “When you can go from a closet under the stairs to that, it’s great. It was a wise use of space.”

Sew Be It

After remodeling MaryEllen Miksa’s entire Lewisville home, Lucie was asked to redesign MaryEllen’s beloved sewing room.

Lucie wanted to make sure MaryEllen had everything she needed at her fingertips when she was working on a project, so she created a large workstation that is the stuff of crafters’ dreams.

“Literally, within few square feet, everything is reachable,” Lucie says.

The room boasts a large custom-built desk with drawers and cubbies to hold all of MaryEllen’s sewing and crafting materials. The desk is elevated so MaryEllen can easily cut fabric. Attached to the large desk is a smaller desk that houses her sewing machine. The back wall accommodates a large, framed pegboard, filled with crafting and sewing tools, and a wall-mounted ironing board.

“Working with Lucie was a wonderful experience,” MaryEllen says. “As far as what it’s like to have a sewing room, I think the best part of it all is having everything where I can get to it immediately.”

Creating a Creative Space

Lucie says all homeowners can transform their surroundings by making small changes, beginning with paint.

“Paint goes a long way,” she says. Lucie suggests going with a neutral gray/beige to create a timeless space.

“I believe you always have to think of the future. Is gray the new neutral? Yes, probably,” she says.

However, Lucie says it’s best to choose a gray with beige undertones. “It looks great with blue tones, and it also marries well with natural tones like wood floors.”

In addition, she suggests changing cabinet hardware and light fixtures, as well as adding new accessories, such as throw pillows and rugs. But, she advises homeowners not purchase high-end, trendy accessories.

“Spend your money where it’s important—on plumbing and appliances. Don’t waste money on accessories, rugs and pictures,” she says, adding that homeowners can purchase inexpensive accessories as design trends change.