Q&A with Josh Marten 4

One DIY Mastermind Delves into His Love for Craft

Josh Marten of Stal Timber has a talent that’s hard to match: his ability to handcraft furniture for both the home and the workplace is not only wonderfully contemporary but also timeless and chic. Josh creates both custom pieces to order as well as warehouse-stocked items, all with his personal touch and signature breathtaking artistry. Cross Timbers Lifestyle spoke with Josh about his love and living, crafting.

Where did Stal Timber begin for you?

I started making furniture a little over 20 years ago as a hobby that developed into a passion—a piece here and there, as I needed them, in the beginning. I learned to weld while working at a manufacturing plant, and would stay after work in the evenings welding personal pieces. I was dragging unfinished pieces back to a tiny apartment, which is when my wife and I started talking about our own business.

Do you have any legacy pieces?

We’ve done so much custom work that I develop an emotional bond with many of the pieces.

I love it when our clients give us creative license to take their functional needs and make something truly unique.

Early on I got the opportunity to design and build a whole suite of furniture for a jewelry manufacturer in Dallas. It included a 15t long steel conference table with workstations. Last year, we got to design and build a two-story tall steel and mahogany shelling installation in Highland Park.

Stal Timber houses countless unique creations that are made with pristine patience and focus. You can visit Josh’s warehouse at 11951 Hilltop Road, #19, Argyle, TX 76226, open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., or view his work, sale items and noteworthy pieces at StalTimber.com.