Argyle Family Medicine & Off the Farm Food

Dr. Becky Gomez of Argyle believes in a well-rounded approach to health care. Gomez and her husband, John, own Rapid Med in Double Oak and recently opened Argyle Family Medicine.

“We opened Rapid Med in 2006 with the vision of offering high-quality, convenient urgent care to the community,” she says. “Our newest service is telemedicine. Patients can call in and video chat with health care providers so that simple, straightforward medical problems may be addressed without an in-person office visit.”

At Argyle Family Medicine, Argyle’s first direct primary care medical practice, Gomez says patients pay a monthly membership fee instead of filing with insurance.

“The fee covers all office visits, most in-office procedures and direct access to me by phone, text and email,” she says.

While she and her husband are prepared to handle what ails the community, Gomez says prevention is key. And, often, prevention begins with the foods we eat.

 “I do believe that food can be healing and eating the right foods and avoiding things like sugar and processed food can prevent many medical problems,” she says.

Gomez believes buying local also is best. She is a strong supporter of locally operated Off the Farm Food organic co-op.

Off the Farm Food was established in 2013. Owner Jennifer Cowley says the co-op continues to grow as more people, like Gomez, are learning the importance of eating organic, ethically raised food and supporting local farms.

“The farms that Off the Farm Food partners with go above and beyond to practice sustainable farming and to raise their animals ethically,” Cowley says. “All of the animals are raised in their natural environment; they are never in pens, cages or confined. This, in turn, gives us healthy animals to eat—animals that are free from stress, disease, antibiotics, GMOs, pesticides … The list goes on and on.”

Off the Farm Food sells local pastured chicken and eggs, grass-fed beef, pastured pork, artisan bacon, bone broth, soup bones and organic pantry items such as raw, local honey, kombucha tea, elderberry syrup, granola and cold-brew and whole-bean coffee.

Cowley says customers can visit, choose the products they want and a pickup location.

“There is no minimum order, no membership fees and no commitment,” she says. “You order only what you want once a month and choose one of our nine site locations to pick up from. It’s that simple.”