Divine Finds Benefits Those in Need Locally and Internationally

Kayla Schroeder recently opened the upscale resale store Divine Finds not to turn a profit but to benefit others in need.

The store features gently used furniture, home décor and personal accessories, as well as new gift items. Kayla says she opened the store to support the local organization Pregnancy Help 4 U, a pregnancy medical clinic that provides free medical services and information to teen and young adult mothers and fathers.

Originally, Kayla says Pregnancy Help 4 U operated with the help of donors, churches and grants.

“We were helping so many people; it was hard to fund the organization,” she says.

With the assistance of a grant from the Amon G. Carter Foundation in Fort Worth, Kayla was able to renovate the 4,200-square-foot building in Argyle that now houses Divine Finds. Kayla says her colleagues, Pregnancy Help 4 U Board Chairwoman Ashley McWhorter and store manager Casree Holland, also played key roles in opening the store, which has become a booming success.  

“It’s amazing. We knew it would be successful. We felt like God had led us here,” Kayla says. “The first day, we sold $11,000 worth of merchandise.”

Half of all proceeds benefit Pregnancy Help 4 U, and the other half is divided between Buyamba Orphanage in Uganda; Justice 61, a domestic sex trafficking rescue organization; and SOS International, an international sex trafficking rescue organization.

Kayla says Divine Finds is unlike other resale stores. “It’s very open, light and bright.” And, she says, there is something divine about the store.

During the remodel, she and others prayed over the store, writing scriptures and tucking them into the walls before they were Sheetrocked.

“We’ve done many prayer walks at the store, and we prayed it would be a bright light in the community and shine light in the community,” Kayla says. “The presence of God is there. Everyone says it when they are in the store. They feel Him there.”  

For more information about Divine Finds and the missions it serves, visit Lifeguards.PregnancyHelp4U.org.