Designer Kristy Mastrandonas Creates Tablescapes Worthy of the Most Memorable Occasions

Perhaps the most enduring aspect of Thanksgiving is the act of gathering around the holiday table—enjoying a celebratory meal with loved ones, reminiscing, telling stories and lingering long after the food has been eaten. Kristy Mastrandonas of Kristy Mastrandonas Interior Design & Styling offers inspiration on how to create the perfect festive tablescape worthy of such a memorable occasion.

“I love to have beautiful tablescapes set up throughout the year,” Kristy says. “Whether it’s decorated for the season or a special occasion, there’s just something so warm and welcoming about a beautifully set table.”

Kristy suggests hosts first determine what type of event they will be holding.

“Is it formal, informal, casual, buffet-style? Once you’ve determined this, then I suggest deciding on a place setting—placemats, chargers, dinnerware, etc.,” Kristy says. “When deciding on your centerpiece decor, keep in mind that you want your guests to be able to see one another across the table so they can easily carry on a conversation.”

She suggests keeping center decor height either low—no more than 12 inches tall—or high—more than 20 inches tall.

“Of course, design rules are not set in stone, and there are times to push the envelope. I myself push the envelope and break the rules all the time. Oftentimes those are the instances that I achieve something spectacular,” she says. “So don’t be afraid to mix things up or to experiment. Have fun, and let your personality shine through.”

One way hosts can let their personality shine through is by incorporating whimsical, nontraditional items in their tablescapes.

“I love using items that I already own in unexpected ways, especially items that perform double duties, like a throw scarf,” Kristy says. “The idea to use throws and scarves as part of my table decor was born out of the desire to interject my personality into my tablescapes when I couldn’t find tablecloths that fit the image I was looking for. And the fact that I already owned these items meant that I was saving money too.”

Kristy suggests hosts use their imagination and be creative.

“It’s fairly easy to create tablescapes when you allow yourself to think outside the box. A floral centerpiece is always pretty and appropriate, but it doesn’t have to stop there,” she says. “Push the envelope, and do something unexpected. Most homeowners have candles and candleholders, books and other decorative objects that can be part of the tablescape too.”

She also advises purchasing items that can perform double duty.

“Some great items to invest in for your holiday table—aside from dishware, fine china and glassware—are table linens, chargers and decor items that have multipurpose uses. For example, I have a set of Christmas placemats that are black on the underside. Since they’re finished off and look just as nice as the right side, I use them during Halloween or any other time I want to use a black placemat. I also have candle holders, vases, as well as many other decorative accessories that I move from room to room all the time,” she says.

For more inspiration, Kristy suggests following her seasonal Pinterest boards, and, and her Instagram account, @kristy_mastrandonas. For more information about Kristy Mastrandonas Interior Design & Styling, call 214.458.9479 or visit