Fired Up

Life Time’s FIRE Class Combines Yoga with Intense Interval Training

Breath is the source of life and the foundation of all yoga practice. Webster defines fire as “the phenomenon of combustion manifested in light, flame and heat.” Life Time Athletic in Flower Mound has combined both concepts to create a yoga experience like no other with its new FIRE yoga class.

“All of our Life Power Yoga classes are breathing classes first. FIRE takes this meaningful tradition to a whole new level,” says Brenda Lopez-Mitchell, Life Time yoga studio manager.

“This high-energy, motivational experience leads students into the fire, enduring stress where breath may be lost, but then teaching them how to utilize their breath to come through the other side successfully.”

The intermediate-level FIRE yoga class fuses high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with yoga to create a complete mind-body-breath experience.

“This experience will increase your heart rate, burn fat and is an awesome sweat session,” Brenda says. “Yoga movements break up the lactic acid that tends to build up in our bodies, often leaving us sore after a workout. The familiar yoga poses are held for three to four breaths before transitioning back into the high-intensity interval training circuits. In FIRE, these two movements come together to center around breath, teaching us how to come back to center during our most stressful times.”

The class teaches students how to lean into their breath to meet challenges.

“Oftentimes, whether it be on our mats or in our lives, we find ourselves being pushed to our edge—sprinting almost to the finish, to the deadline, etc. It’s during those times of extreme duress that we need our breath the most,” Brenda says. “When we can incorporate moments of rest and breath, even for just a moment, we find ourselves that much more motivated, driven and ready to face whatever fire may come our way.”

FIRE offers a practical way for students to meet all of their fitness goals.

“Almost everyone has heard that yoga is good for them, and they should incorporate it into their lives. Time can be an issue, and people want to get their cardio in, as well. So Life Time set out to meet that need while curating an experience that doesn’t lose the foundation of yoga,” Brenda says.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, she says.

“Through-the-roof positive! People who admit to not liking yoga or wouldn’t try yoga have walked away stating that they didn’t realize how much they needed mind-body experiences in their lives,” Brenda says. “Students of yoga have stepped out saying they love the challenge of losing their breath so they can become more resilient in finding it again.”

She says FIRE also offers a sense of community for those seeking success in a fitness journey, which sometimes can seem overwhelming.

“Setting our fitness goals for a new year can seem overwhelming in the beginning. However, if we take it day by day, show up and celebrate even the smallest of victories, we take the win,” Brenda says. “Make sure you find your community. The people, places and things that are in your corner, cheering you on, creating spaces for you to show up and celebrate and sweat with you, are crucial to helping you stay on course.”

For more information about Life Time Flower Mound and FIRE yoga, visit MyLT.Life/clubs/tx/flower-mound.html.


Life Time FIRE instructor Howard Roth shares some elements of a FIRE workout.

1. Sit with knees slightly bent and ease in the body.

2. Lie back and begin Twisting Crunches—right and left. 

3. Place feet firmly on the floor, bend knees and lift hips into Bridge pose. 

4. Come to the feet. Raise hands above head into Tall Mountain pose. 

5. Ground down through the feet, bend the knees, reach hands high into Chair pose. 

6. Come back to Tall Mountain pose with hands on heart. 

7. Fast feet: pedal feet quickly up and down. 

8. Bend knees deeply into a low squat and graze the floor with fingertips.

9. Seated Meditation: Have a seat. Cross legs. Place hands in prayer pose. Breathe. 

10. Sit back. Lift legs into boat pose. 

11. Seated Boat Twists: Place palms together and twist side to side. 

12. Come to Seated Meditation, hands on heart. Breathe. 

13. Stand and assume Warrior 2 pose, with front palm driving forward and a deep bend in the front knee. 

14. Assume a high plank. Draw the knee to the opposite elbow in Twisting Mountain Climbers. Repeat with increased speed. 

15. Handstand Kick-Ups: Press palms firmly into the floor and begin doing small kick-ups with lifted leg.

16. Have a seat. Butterfly the legs. Surrender.