Novel Coffee Roasters is on a Mission to Provide the Best Cup of Coffee in Town

When Carlos and Susan Palacio decided to pursue an entrepreneurial venture in 2013, their passion for coffee and people inspired them to open Trio Craft Coffee. This past fall, Trio merged with its longtime coffee provider and became Novel Coffee Roasters.

“We carried Novel Coffee Roasters coffee in our shop for several years and had developed a very close working relationship with the roastery owners. They were a roastery without a retail presence, and we were a retail store without a roastery. So, it made sense to merge and combine our efforts into one brand,” Susan says. “We hope this partnership will mean great things for us as we get to be involved in every part of the coffee process and are now connected on an even deeper level with what we are doing and what we are serving.”

Novel Coffee Roasters specializes in high-quality black coffee and creative espresso drinks.

“At our shop, we strive to offer the highest quality experience for our customers. That means sourcing the best raw ingredients, as well as expertly training our staff to create the best product possible,” she says.

“Our staff loves to create unique offerings, such as the Good Morning Vietnam, our take on Vietnamese iced coffee; Wild Oat Latte; and Bourbon Maple Latte. Additionally, we always have a seasonal menu complete with unique offerings and house-made syrups,” Susan says.

Carlos has brought Hispanic flair to the menu with his horchata, which, she says, is the best in town.

“Our hope is that you won’t find a better cup of coffee in DFW.”

Susan says it’s important that Novel Coffee Roasters provides the best possible coffee to the community because coffee is a beloved part of everyday life.

“Coffee offers us something more than just our morning boost,” she says. “We drink it because it makes us feel good. We feel comforted by it. We enjoy it. We want to share a conversation over it. It’s a great uniter worldwide.”

Bourbon Maple Latte


Steamed milk

House-made bourbon maple syrup (bourbon, maple syrup, brown sugar)