Adding Natural Elements Can Create a Cleaner, Happier, Healthier Home

With the promise of spring comes the urge to clean and refresh our surroundings in hopes of creating a healthier and happier home. While many are busy organizing tangible items—from closets to pantries—it’s important to also cleanse the air and energy of the home. The key to achieving this: add a touch of nature.

The poet Gary Snyder once said, “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” Bringing natural elements inside can add warmth, uplift the spirits and offer health benefits.

Begin by adding houseplants to each room of the home. As we learned in elementary school, plants convert carbon dioxide that we breathe into oxygen. But did you know they also cleanse the air of toxins?

In 1989, NASA performed the Clean Air Study, which revealed that houseplants can cleanse the air of dangerous compounds, such as benzene and formaldehyde. They actually can help purify the air we breathe.

When it comes to creating beautiful fragrances within the home, try diffusing essential oils instead of burning candles. Certified pure essential oils are derived from the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, seeds or peel of plants. Essential oils offer myriad health benefits, including cleaning the air, boosting the immune system, offering respiratory support, improving focus and soothing anxious feelings.

Diffuse wild orange oil with peppermint oil in the mornings to prepare for the day ahead. This combination helps cleanse the air, boosts moods and improves energy and focus. In the evenings, diffuse lavender oil with cedarwood oil to relax and unwind. Both lavender and cedarwood promote calmness.

Inspire positive energy throughout the home by introducing natural crystals. Display amethyst in living spaces to encourage relaxation and rejuvenation, cleanse the air and dissolve negativity. Perch citrine in a windowsill to uplift and motivate.  Distribute clear quartz, known as the master healer, throughout the home to create harmony. And place beautiful pale-pink rose quartz, known as the love crystal, in the bedroom to encourage self-confidence, compassion, love and forgiveness.

Sprucing up the home with these natural elements will help to promote positivity, productivity and a general sense of wellbeing.

ZZ Plant

Looking for a low-maintenance and lovely houseplant? ZZ plants (short for Zamioculcas Zamifolia), with their long, leafy stems, are ideal. They are slow-growing but live a long life with proper care. They grow best in indirect light.


The easy-to-grow pothos plant produces long, trailing stems that make it ideal for hanging baskets. Or just trim the stems when they become too long. Pothos aren’t picky about lighting, but bright, indirect light is best.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

Perhaps the trendiest of all right now is the stylish fiddle-leaf fig tree. Fiddle-leaf figs require a bit more finesse. They prefer bright to medium filtered light. Water only about once per week or when soil is dry to the touch.

Dracaena White Jewel

White jewels with their long, dark, green-and-white striped leaves add a pop of color to any room. White jewels grow best in bright, indirect light. Keep soil moist but not overly saturated.