Van Trease Home Proves to Be a Labor of Love

To some, the word “heritage” merely applies to vague generational tales and a percentage on an ancestry test. To architectural designer Corey Van Trease, the significance of his familial and cultural background is intrinsic to his work and all aspects of his life.

The Dutch remain prominently known for their exquisite attention to detail, their inclination to create and their uncompromising drive. Corey and his family embrace these traits. As a third-generation home designer and successful construction company owner for nearly 30 years, Corey has ingenuity and sawdust running through his blood.

The completion of his family’s personal home means a great deal to Corey. This final product has long been a dream for the Van Trease family, and now, after years of preparation, it finally has become a reality. The home includes ingenious feature and elements, such as a koi pond that wraps around the front perimeter of the dining room and flows into the home, an indoor multi-sport gymnasium, a rooftop viewing deck and a spacious art studio.

Although these details are all notably inventive, the most impressive quality of the home is its ability to heartily welcome friends, family and strangers alike. Transitional walls expand the interior seamlessly into the outdoors, allowing limitless guests to flow freely in and out of the space. The living room sofa seats more than a dozen people, serving as the perfect setting for a family board game or watching Monday Night Football. The main house comprises both a prep kitchen and a serving kitchen, granting more than enough room to prepare recipes that have been passed down for generations. Family permeates each and every part of the special home, complete with an original art piece done by Corey’s grandmother hung proudly over the dining room fireplace.

His designs are not bound simply to the framework of the home; they extend to the objects that make the home come alive, as well. Corey has had the pleasure of experimenting with this, designing several furniture pieces and light fixtures within the home. Furniture, accessories and light fixtures are the new frontier for his creative liberties and future projects!

I can truly tell you that Corey Van Trease is the most hard-working, selfless, gifted and inspirational man I have ever met. You may ask, how could I make such a bold and absolute statement? Well, as his only daughter, I can assure you that it is true.

Ever since I could see the top of the kitchen table, it has always been covered in blueprints. I remember the long nights when I would come downstairs, and he would still be working with weary eyes and a wrinkled brow. Yet he never missed giving me goodnight kiss on the forehead. My father works tirelessly because he loves what he does with every fiber of his being. He strives to create an environment that suits the needs of his clients while incorporating incredibly artistic features. Even after years of designing, Dad still comes home with new ideas for his projects that never fail to astound me. His passion for his career is indescribable; it ignites his entire body with excitement and determination. That is why this home means so much to him.

In building this beautiful and warm structure, he has combined his dedication to his work with his limitless love for his family. Each detail in our home serves a unique and meaningful purpose that perfectly suits our needs and fulfills our desires. As a father, he recognizes goals that are important to his children, and as an architectural designer, he is able to create the tools that facilitate those goals. I never requested an art studio, but Dad thoughtfully included it in the home design because he knows how much creating art means to me and how it satisfies my soul. I am so thankful to have a father who is attentive and caring as he is, and I can promise his clients feel the same. I am immensely proud of the final product our home has become, and I look forward to the next chapters of life spent within it.