Ideas for the Perfect Spring Baby Celebration

1. Bloom & Grow: Keep it simple yet elevated with a beautiful spring theme. Decorate the venue with bunches of fresh flowers. Hydrangeas and, of course, baby’s breath always are good options.

2. Create a Cravings Buffet: Serve the mom-to-be’s most-craved foods—within reason. No pickles and ice cream, please!

3. Create a “Mom-mosa” Bar: Offer a choice of sparkling apple or pear cider, sparkling water or ginger ale as the base of the mom-mosa and a choice of orange, cranberry or pineapple juice to top it off.

4. Think Petite: In celebration of tiny baby-to-be, serve traditional Southern petit fours instead of a large cake. Remember to send home extras with mother-to-be for her to freeze and save to celebrate baby’s birthday!

5. Play a Tasteful Game: Blindfold brave shower-goers and have them each sample three different baby foods and guess what they are. Those who guess correctly win a door prize from the mom-to-be.

6. Late-Night Diapers: Ask guests to write a funny or heartwarming note on a diaper with a colorful marker. The new mom and dad will have fun reading notes from friends and family members while changing diapers in the middle of the night.

7. Baby Book Drive: Ask guests to bring a book for baby, instead of a card, and write a sweet note inside the cover.

8. Sweet Parting Gifts: Keeping with the spring theme, give small jars of honey to guests as parting gifts, with a note that reads: “Thank you for ‘beeing’ our guest!”

9. Pamper the Mom-to-Be: Instead of a traditional baby shower, gather friends and family to celebrate at a local spa.