Drive Eco-Friendly in Style

The new Jaguar I-PACE proves that being environmentally conscious and having an impeccable sense of style are not mutually exclusive qualities. With powerful instant torque, superior technological advances and a rapid charger, the I-PACE is outpacing its competition.

Now is the perfect time to purchase eco-friendly vehicles like the I-PACE because the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has reinstated its Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program to offer as much as $2,500 in rebate incentives statewide to those who purchase or lease an eligible light-duty electric vehicle powered by electric drive (plug-in or plug-in hybrid). The program ends May 31. Rebates are issued on a first-come, first-served basis, pending availability of funds. In addition, Denton Municipal Electric (DME) is offering a rebate of $300 for the purchase of an electric vehicle. Rebate applicants must agree to charge during the off-peak hours of 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. Registration address must be within the DME service area.

For more information, contact Park Place Jaguar Land Rover DFW, 1300 E. State Highway 114, Grapevine. 


1. With instant torque and all-wheel-drive traction, the pure Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) accelerates like a sports car reaching 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

2. Though the I-PACE has a compact footprint, it boasts exceptional space within with five full seats, innovative storage and a substantial rear cargo space of more than 25.3 cubic feet.

3. The I-PACE offers technological advances inferior to none. The Touch Pro Duo Infotainment system makes it easy to control all of the car’s technologies with two touch screens. Each I-PACE has 4G Wi-Fi capability and smart settings, identifying each driver using their key and phone.

4. Perhaps one of the most innovative features of the I-PACE is the optional Head-Up Display, which presents key vehicle data, such as speed and navigation, on the windshield through clear, full-color graphics in high resolution.

5. With a 50 KW DC rapid charger, the I-PACE can achieve a 0-to-80-percent charge in 85 minutes.