Honey Dudes 2

Local Church Members Lend a Helping Hand to Those in Need

Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church’s Honey Dudes program offers much-needed support to local widows, single mothers, military wives and elderly residents. Armed with their “honey-do” list, a minimum of two members of the group offer help weekly to those in the community who need an extra hand.

“Whatever two guys can knock out in an hour or an hour and a half, that’s what we do,” says Kevin Cummings, Honey Dudes’ founder.

Though their mission is simple, their work has greatly affected the community and the Honey Dudes themselves.

Kevin says the idea behind the program originated from the Bible verse James: 1:27: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

 “We base everything we do around it,” he says.  

Honey Dudes consists of 60 men of all ages and denominations in the community. Though organized by Trietsch, members of Valley Creek, Fellowship, Rock Pointe and The Village participate in the program.

Kevin recalls one of the most memorable moments he has experienced through Honey Dudes was receiving a call from someone who requested the Honey Dudes do yard work for a local retired pastor.

“He was too embarrassed to call himself,” Kevin says.

Kevin happily accepted the challenge. When the group arrived at the site, Kevin says the front yard was fine. The pastor had been working hard to keep up appearances for the neighborhood. However, health problems prohibited him from being able to maintain the rest of his yard.

“His backyard was a jungle,” Kevin says.

What resonated most with Kevin was how closely he lived to the man.

“It was two streets from where I live,” he says. “There literally are people in our own backyard who need our help.”

Though most projects require two Honey Dudes, Kevin says oftentimes local Bible study groups or outreach groups will partner with the Honey Dudes for larger projects.

Many churches in the area have begun similar programs of their own.

“It’s Christian men wanting to do what the Bible tells us to do,” Kevin says, adding that many of the Honey Dudes bring their sons to work on projects.

He says it’s inspiring for the young men to see their fathers acting out their faith.

“They are seeing it’s not Bible study. It’s Bible doing.”

Honey Dudes operates solely from monetary donations and volunteer help. To participate in the program or refer someone who needs help, contact honeydudes@tmumc.org.