Barbershop Offers Nostalgic Charm and Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Situated in Parker Square among the modern-day hustle and bustle of Flower Mound is the time capsule known as Back-N-Time Barber Shop, where customers gather each day for a haircut, shave and a dose of nostalgia.

“Everything in here is from the 1880s to the 1930s,” says owner Ace Polson Jr. “It’s like you stepped back in time.”

What began as a collection of barbershop memorabilia has become a dedicated profession for Ace and his son, Trace, who manages the Flower Mound shop.

“I’ve been collecting barbershop items for years,” Ace says, adding that he began with a single one-station back bar and a barber chair. “The next thing I knew, we had eight barber chairs in our living room.”

Ace formerly worked in sales and management, but when he began having health problems, he decided to retire from his career and pursue something fulfilling but less stressful. 

“So I went to barber school at the age of 53,” he says.

He opened his first shop after graduating and now owns two barber shops—one in Flower Mound and one in Keller—both filled with his impressive collection of barbershop memorabilia.

“We do haircuts, shaves and shoe shines,” he says. “We are one of the very few shops that still do straight razor shaves.”

Ace says many fathers bring their sons in for an old-fashioned haircut experience. The shop has an antique icebox filled with complimentary sodas and juices. And children enjoy free snacks.

“That’s one reason kids love us,” Ace says.

The friendly atmosphere keeps customers coming back. Ace says 99 percent of all customers are repeat customers.

“You come in once, and you’ll be back,” he says.

Dawn Dorminy-Hurst, a barber and longtime friend of the Polsons, says customers appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere.

“We want Back-N-Time to not only be a place where people get a great haircut and shave, but they also feel they are part of the family.”

As with Ace, barbering is Dawn’s second career. Before becoming a barber, she was a stand-up comedian for 10 years.

“Then I decided to have babies and become normal, and being a barber is about as normal as it gets,” she says.  “Back-N-Time is a blessing to me. There are no greater humans to work for.”

She says Back-N-Time also is a blessing to the community.

Though the barbershop has a traditional, nostalgic feel, Dawn says the barbers are well-versed in all of the latest hairstyles.

“Though everything here has the ‘back-in-time’ feel, we stay on top of all of the cutting-edge styles for the young ones,” she says. “We are one of the very few places in town where you can get a traditional flat top. We give everything from flat tops to mohawks.”

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