Portrait of a Companion

Looking at Ellen Drummond’s pet portraits, one gets the complete picture of the animals she has painted. Their personalities shine through the canvas.

Making Magic from Mud

When Marcus High School recently posted a photograph of Paige Reyburn’s students’ pottery creations on social media, it garnered much attention.

Q&A with Josh Marten

Josh Marten of Stal Timber has a talent that's hard to match: his ability to handcraft furniture for both the home and the workplace is not only wonderfully contemporary but also timeless and chic. Josh creates both custom pieces to order as well as warehouse-stocked items, all with his personal touch and signature breathtaking artistry. Cross Timbers Lifestyle spoke with Josh…

Young Artist Aimee Yun

Marcus High School junior Aimee Yun sees the world through multidimensional art layers and has done so since she was a toddler. Art is now how Aimee conveys what's in her soul and on her mind.