The Art of Fashion

Fall weather in Texas is unpredictable at best with temperatures often teetering between crisp and cool to hot and sweltering. Choosing the perfect outfit for such imperfect weather can prove to be a challenge. This month, Megan Condrack, owner of Megan’s Lifestyle Boutique, shows us some transitional outfits that will comfortably and stylishly carry us from summer to fall.

A Night to Shine

For the past four years, members of The Well Community Church, Rockpointe Church, Argyle High School and community volunteers have provided a Night to Shine for local youth with special needs. Plans currently are underway for another unforgettable evening in February at Argyle High School.

Style Your Walls

When it comes to styling one’s home, every aspect of the space should be considered, including the walls. This can be a daunting task. But the folks at House Sprucing are up for the challenge.

Always in Fashion

My father loved music. When he was young, he built an impressive record collection and would get a gleam in his eye every time he spoke of it. He was so proud—though he rarely played them. Dad passed away this past spring, and when we traveled to visit family in the summer, I began sifting through Dad's treasure trove of vinyl that he had…

Florida Redux

Determined to take a "last hurrah" family trip when our oldest graduated high school, I hearkened back to a trip we’d taken seven years earlier that benefited from the soft lens of rose-colored glasses. It was a two-week Floridian adventure that lived on in my memory as the trip where I read Atlas Shrugged cover to cover, enjoyed the beach with friends…

Portrait of a Companion

Looking at Ellen Drummond’s pet portraits, one gets the complete picture of the animals she has painted. Their personalities shine through the canvas.

Balancing Act

Welcome to the new school year, when new friends will be made, new lessons will be learned, new experiences will be had and new stresses are sure to abound. Let’s face it: in today’s overly scheduled, competitive world, stress has become a way of life. And students are feeling it more than ever.

Purrfect Peace of Mind

For many pet owners, their pets are more than just animals; they are members of the family. The same is true for Pink Paw Pet Sitting Owner Morgan McKibbon, who began her business six years ago out of the love she had for her own dog.

Make a Splash

One of the most notable aspects of flying over the Dallas-Fort Worth region is seeing the landscape dotted with swimming pools in almost every other backyard.

Men of Influence

 Ryan Schroer  Senior Vice President, American National Bank & Trust in Flower Mound  Chairman, Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce