Thankful to Be Celebrating One Year!

As November rolls around, we’re anxiously awaiting the approach of Thanksgiving, the holiday season and time spent with our loved ones. The winding down of the year always brings about a time of self-reflection —remembering everything we’ve accomplished in months past, considering the good fortune we’ve enjoyed and/or the tough roads we’ve navigated. Hopefully, this reflection … Continued

F Is for Foodie

F is for “foodie,” a person with a particular interest in food. Someone who’s always up for trying new places and has a refined but adventurous palate. And this month at Cross Timbers Lifestyle, we’re all about feasting with foodies as we just scratch the surface of the fine eats and drinks Southern Denton County … Continued

Stay Stylish, My Friends!

We’ve all had that moment when our closet is full, but we can’t find a single thing to wear. Whether it’s too big, too small, or just plain last season, the perfect outfit can be difficult to find. It’s no wonder, too. Our style is the first thing the rest of the world sees, and … Continued

Celebrating Family & Routine

August brings last minute sojourns to beat the Texas heat, but also a return to schedules and routines for many of us. This month we are celebrating our Kids + Pets issue by shining a light on some of our local families who have taken some wonderful pets into their homes to train for a … Continued

Dog Days

Ahhhh, summer. Time for backyard pool parties and family vacations. Time for kids to run after the ice cream truck when the telltale sound of its music turns onto your street to secure the perfect sweet treat to beat the heat. For the loud explosion of fireworks on the Fourth of July, the shriveled fingertips … Continued

The Maker Movement

When you think of the word “maker,” what comes to mind?

Dear Gents,

We told you your time would come, didn’t we, guys? Since the May issue was all about the ladies, we thought it was only fair the June issue of Cross Timbers Lifestyle be dedicated to the gents of our community.  While we will celebrate the dads in our lives on Father’s Day, June 17, you … Continued

To Strong Women

Though May is traditionally a time to celebrate mothers, at Cross Timbers Lifestyle, we want to take this chance to recognize all the strong ladies in our community. From activists, entrepreneurs and CEOs to artists, teachers and, yes, mothers, these women are changing our community’s landscape and influencing its future. In this month’s feature article, … Continued

Eco Chic

Spring has sprung! With a couple of weeks of daylight saving time under our belt, the days are becoming longer, the sun is shining (hopefully), and we can finally begin to stop and smell the roses. It’s also a good time to remind ourselves to pause in our busy schedules and appreciate our beautiful planet.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

 The concept of home is different for everyone.  For some, home is where the family is. It’s the place where weekends were—or still are—filled with baby snuggles, bedtime stories and Saturday morning cartoons. The place where the smell of bacon and pancakes fills the air on Sunday mornings, "do your homework before you go outside" is a daily mantra and…