Unity In Community Luncheon

The Unity In Community luncheon held July 24 at the Hilton Garden Inn was co-hosted by the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce, Lewisville Chamber of Commerce and the Highland Village Business Association. The annual luncheon recognizes the work of area nonprofit organizations who serve our community. Denton County Friends of the Family was honored as Nonprofit of the Year.  Photography by Andrew Boyd

Fall into Fashion

 Article Jane Krzysiak | Photography Robert Ray Photography  Layering in Texas is always practical, and according to Lisa Dubberley with Beasley’s Jewelry & Boutique, long cardigans, skinny, high-waisted jeans and chunky sweaters will be trends this season. Top fashion lines for the store include Articles of Society jeans that boast a spectacular price point and an even better fit for all…

Stay Stylish, My Friends!

We’ve all had that moment when our closet is full, but we can’t find a single thing to wear. Whether it’s too big, too small, or just plain last season, the perfect outfit can be difficult to find. It’s no wonder, too. Our style is the first thing the rest of the world sees, and … Continued

September 2018 Around Town

Marcus High School Marcus High School Texas Association of Future Educators students dominated the 2018 Educators Rising National Conference and won the Grand Champion Trophy. Their individual and team results were: 1st place: Author/Illustrators Alanna Baxter and Haley Pitmann for their Pre-K book in English and Spanish 3rd place: Brooke Linker in Humanities – Lesson … Continued

Fashionably Functionable

 Article Stephanie Hasbrouck | Photography Kali Hirst  Function is fashionable when it comes to choosing the perfect pieces for your home. Christine Beck, owner of Décor to your Door, shows us how a simple ottoman can stylishly perform triple duty in any living space.  “An ottoman can serve as a footrest, a coffee table or extra seating when needed,” Christine…

Food Styling 101

 Article Stephanie Hasbrouck | Photography Robert Ray Photography  Blackberry Bordeaux Pork Tenderloin  Ingredients

The Painted Tree Experience

 Article Stephanie Hasbrouck | Photography Kali Hirst  For months, local residents waited with eager anticipation as an old, abandoned supermarket in Highland Village was transformed and brought back to life as the Painted Tree Marketplace. Little did they know the unique shopping experience that waited behind the sliding glass supermarket doors. Formerly numbered grocery aisles now boast charming street names…